Top news of the week on digital gold

In addition to its soaring, Bitcoin could also look forward to other positive news worldwide. The past week has been a good one for crypto, blockchain and co.

PayPal says yes to Bitcoin: integration as early as 2021

After the rumor mill had been simmering for a long time, PayPal confirmed it on October 21: The payment service provider will soon be offering the option of paying with cryptocurrencies. 346 million users of the platform could benefit from this, and 26 million merchants also accept crypto money. In addition to Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, PayPal also offers Ethereum (ETH). In addition, it will also be possible to pay with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC), and further crypto currencies are to be added next year. PayPal’s press release had a small effect on the company’s price, which rose three percent in minutes. The news However, they were especially happy for crypto fans who hope for further acceptance of Bitcoin and Co. in society.

Meanwhile, the Bahamas have catapulted themselves to the top spot in the CBDC race. The island nation launched the Sand Dollar on October 20: the digital central bank currency is pegged to the Bahamas dollar, which represents the US dollar. It can now be used throughout the country as a means of payment, for example to make it easier for companies to comply with know-your-customer rules and for consumers to make cashless payments. This is particularly helpful in Corona times or when electronic payment methods do not work, as was the case after Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

German STO collects 3,000,000 euros for sustainable banking in record time

Apart from the Bitcoin market, a German company also drew attention to itself. Neo-Bank Tomorrow collected 150 percent of its investment target in its Security Token Offering (STO) within five hours. The three million euros should help the Hamburg company to position itself in the European market. It is characterized by the fact that it promises to invest only in sustainable and socially acceptable projects and initiatives. She leaves industries such as the armaments and coal industry to „bad banks“, as the finance house writes on her website. Tomorrow raised the capital on October 20th from a total of 2,000 investors.

Bitcoin more popular than gold with Russian investors

The lobby organization World Gold Councilconducted a survey on the popularity of various asset classes in Russia. While not in first place, Bitcoin and its colleagues landed one place before gold , which occupies fifth place. The reasons for this include the marketing, reach and accessibility of the market. However, there is also a difference between the generations.