Venezuelan teacher uses Bitcoin to motivate her students


In Venezuela, the field of teaching is one of the most affected by the socio-economic crisis. The average teacher earns a little more than the minimum wage (800,000 BsS, the equivalent of 4 dollars), this because of hyperinflation. But a Venezuelan teacher uses Iq Option in her classes as a way to give hope to her elementary school students. Want to know how the idea came about? Read on.

Isabela, 49, with more than 30 years of experience teaching, felt disconsolate thanks to this reality that she and most Venezuelans face every day.

Her golden years of teaching were being left behind, taking her co-workers and even her students with her. The children stopped attending classes, as they could not afford to pay the school fees, and their co-workers constantly quit. They said they urgently needed a work environment that paid in foreign currency.

Nevertheless, Isabela remained steadfast in continuing her mission: to educate her students with dedication, values and quality education. She was determined to regain the motivation of her students and their work environment by opposing and fighting the storm that was raging in Venezuela.

After arduous research, as a good teacher, she came up with a name that was somewhat strange to her, but promising in a way: Bitcoin.

Venezuela could have a massive adoption of cryptomontages

Paid jobs at Bitcoin are a good option in Venezuela
„Cryptomoney“, „BTC“, all these new concepts filled her with unknowns, but she realized that this virtual currency was exactly what she was looking for. A decentralized, anti-inflationary and secure currency was to be her escape in the face of the country’s difficult financial situation.

It should be noted that in Venezuela, thanks to its government’s restrictions, banks cannot receive transactions other than in Sovereign Bolivars. This makes Bitcoin particularly attractive to the population. It does not require a bank account to make transactions. Everything is done from wallets detached from any government entity.

What does the crisis in Venezuela teach us about Bitcoin’s future?

Isabela decides to use Bitcoin and crypto-currencies as a teaching method
After a while, Isabela receives an opportunity, a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to her perseverance: a freelance job with pay at BTC.

This job allowed her to earn enough to support her family and, little by little, to bring the students back to their classrooms.

Venezuelan teacher uses Bitcoin 07062020
Isabela decided to teach her students about crypto from an early age. Source: Ámbito
The influence of Bitcoin on Isabela’s life was so positive that when the portal Ámbito asked her about her opinion on it, she responded:

„I don’t need to tell you, I just need to see my students‘ eyes, full of desire to progress and the light of hope. My classroom is full, and I don’t intend to leave it. Bitcoin is definitely freedom, no matter what the price, or if the big regulators say it’s worthless, come into my classroom and talk to my students, Bitcoin is in every one of them.

Indeed, today the audacious Venezuelan teacher uses Bitcoin and the world of cryptomontages to teach her students, from an early age, alternatives to the „common“ money they didn’t know before.

She tries to provide them with this tool in order to motivate them more and more to overcome the adversities that affect them.

If Isabela managed to fit into the cryptomoney field, even teaching her students the advantages it has… What are you waiting for? If you’re just starting to read about this vast world, don’t give up. As you can see, there are no limits to what you can learn.